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Thursday, July 24, 2014

MB vs LP

A Battle of the Playlists it is, then...!

''M Bubble'' appeared to have all the recording labels 
firmly and squarely on his side -
however, some tracks still got deleted over time...!
That'll teach him to trust a recording label...! 
He's down to 113 tracks - to my 115...! 

I had even more - of course, plenty got deleted, 
as their uploaders' accounts got nixed 
in the wake of several ''copyright claims''...
If you don't want people to even remember the artists 
you signed for next-to-nothing and strive to keep exploiting, 
record labels, keep doing what you're doing...!

Because these are not just any songs we are talking about here, 
of course; these are Eighties Songs! 

Now listen up and choose the grooviest playlist:

Nota Bene: 
if this playlist gets too depleted, over time, 
I do have eight more devoted to the '80s alone! 
(Seemed like the appropriate number...!)
Remember them?
I posted their URLs on this blog before...
Anyway - searching for them 
on my YouTube channel 
should yield the exact same results...
(provided no claims are made... sic!)
(Que Deus Me Livre!)

Sempre Por O Melhor


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