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Monday, July 04, 2016

BvS versus BvS - lol

I have had very little luck with embedded music on this -or any other of my blogs! STILL... Here we shall go again, simply due to the fact that I like to be able to supply a listen in order to properly judge the material... right? It cannot be done otherwise! Hence - here we are now...

I have previously stated my belief that Hans is a hack - I know... And someone named ''Junkie XL'' should NEVER get my luminous nod of approval here - anywhere! But this has been haunting me ever since I first heard it...
Let's take it to the people!  Let THEM decide...
Which one of these tracks is LESS OF A not-so-subtle-HACK then: in other words, which one comes the closest to being almost-original...?!?

The soundtrack of that somewhat-maligned film certainly delivered what it was supposed to - it enhanced the action on that screen, rendering it less ''comic-booky'' and elevating it to a level that it may not have been supposed to reach - ever. (And that goes for ALL ''comic-booky flicks'' - but that is another story, another debate - for another blog!)

CHOOSE between the two best pieces of music from the ''Dawn of Justice'' (the much better title for that flick - its subtitle!) that raked in somewhat less than expected, at the box-office: 850-some millions, when they hoped for more than a billion. Boo-hoo.




And, in closing...
may I add my true feelings here...
and say ''why, oh but why
wasn't there MORE of a true DAWN
of JUSTICE in this film:
more Wonder Woman
more Aquaman
more Flash
more Cyborg
- more LEAGUE!!!''

Unbelievably enough,
most of fandom out there
thought the exact OPPOSITE...!

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