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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Social Media...!!!

Such is the nature of *this* beast - right? 
You just glanced at it - it's gone forever! 
Hence the Saudades factor kicking in here! 
It sure does apply... 
Nâo é verdade? 
Thank God for screen captures - 
we can circumvent at least 
a tiny bit of this... condition! 

Let's start with music though... 

Ohh... yeah! 
All the good stuff one can access 
- via one's smart phone! 

To the moments in time captured forever now - 
the taste-test shall be to find the 
least guilty-pleasure type among them! 

Wait a second now... This means that I actually recharged my phone's 
battery... for this?!?

Oh well...
Let's just... move on!!! 

Note not only to self but to social media overall: 
you gotta quit recommending stuff allegedly ''for'' me! 
For *this* sort of stuff only brings about nostalgia 
of olden days... when the creativity well had not run dry yet! 
(Message to Marvel, too!)

Note to DC also: 
you're no better than your competition! 
(Axel Alonso = Greg Rucka!)

Hmm... 3 Phantom Force Jedis for me - to go! 

How YouTube links the Justice League 
to the Howard Stern Show - 
I will never know!

You must give it its due, though: 
there is a lot of interesting stuff on YouTube...! 

... so sorry, Mark - I didn't subscribe... yet! 
But others will - in droves, I'm sure...

LUXURIOUS, they say...?


... okay, let's NOT go *there*...

... regardless of some... odd and surprising choices, 

Yup - you guessed it all right... 
Luminous Luciano 
is also 
Lindo Luciano! 

Sempre Por O Melhor

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