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Saturday, July 19, 2014


On this day of festivities over at that Tomorrowland
la-la-land place there...
over in Belgium, of all places...
One question comes to mind of all connaisseurs out there
(and only the connaisseurs may think of this, really...!)

What could Laidback Luke and Luminous Luciano possibly
have in common - hmm?

A lot, it would seem...

Ah - and they're both with a dual citizenship - at least! 

Luke dresses up for Tomorrowland-style raves 
- while Luciano puts on the Ritz 
for such gatherings as the Diner En Blanc...

Verily, the only difference between the two may be that one is a DJ 
and the other merely makes playlists - in his spare time! 

Here is one of his favorites, ever: 

While, of all his collaborations, 
it must be this ''versus'' video 
with -or rather opposite- Example 
that might well be tops on Luke's list of favorites, 
for mere example, of course...

What natural disasters we are - aye!

For if LAIDBACK LUKE knows himself to be 
an alternate David Guetta - 
LUMINOUS LUCIANO (primarily a scribe, one who pens lyrics 
as well as poetry, on top of his prose, essays and blogs...)
knows himself to be another take on ED SULLIVAN -
but an Eddie without a show or gig, in that field!


Alas, in this end of July, 2014, 
most peeps will surely, once more, forego their voting right here 
- and vote straight up for LUCY instead...


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