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Friday, February 03, 2017

AQUA vs B-52s

The Battle That RAGES ON... since time immemorial! 
(Or, rather, since the early-to-mid '90s, really...?)
Which band is the quirkiest???
Most importantly: which one managed to deliver deep, 
profound messages all-wrapped up in that borderline goofy 
stereotypical and voluntarily so kitsch exterior...!
We cannot decide with merely one song -
we have to select three songs per group!
Here we go...

Extremely tempting to insert ''Rock Lobster'' in here -
of course - but, in the end, we were able to resist
that aquatic temptation!

It is astounding - how the battle truly RAGES ON 
AND ON AND ON AND ON here...!!! 
It's pretty damn near to a NO-CONTEST, we say! 
Both bands are 
But, in the end, we will give the edge...
to the older Brits 
over the younger Danes!

Sorry, AQUA!

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