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Saturday, January 07, 2017

''YH'' - The New Level 42 of the 21st Century?

If somebody had told me, way back in the day, that sometime in 2017 this type of question would be asked... I would have laughed out loud! (Not ''LOLed'' - no; laughed out loud... long form!)

But lo and behold - it is 2017 and here is this band called... Young Human and this huge hit of theirs (also very simplistically called - ''Rainbow'' - as it is structured and was written, running through all the colors of the rainbow with a very sound, basic ''cool beat'' to it - why reinvent the wheel, right?) and so it cannot fail: for it reminds me so much of the breakthrough hit of this august group from yesteryear, my favorites for the longest time, ''Level 42'' way back then when *they* burst onto the scene... along with Cherie Lunghi, but that is another story.

I cannot resist, once again, so... Let us compare - shall we?  :-)

One conclusion we can all agree upon here, for damn sure: 

the bowler hat will always be in style!

she agrees - that is all that counts!


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