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Sunday, August 13, 2017

3 By 3 Now!!!

We covered the foursomes here, some time ago - howcome we neglected the trios?!? Huh? It makes absolutely no sense at all - especially given the fact that we normally admire the triads, threesomes (not those...!) or threeways (no, no, NO; not like that, dammit!!!) and, generally speaking, all manners of tri-partied deals that one can get, out there, on the ''free market'' there...  (3 For 1 is number one - capisce? Anything less is a rip-off.)

Above all, of course, we adore the Trinity.

The number three (not the number 23, Jim Carrey...) also bears a ton of significance - most probably of all primarily due to just that - the Holy Trinity... It is, also, the very core and basis of the ''perfect hand'' or sign of true excellence (it never was four fingers in the air, Arn - sorry!)

We take into account past criticism also, this time out (meh - everybody's a critic!) regarding the way that we went about tackling the ''4 by 4'' post - we pitted all sorts of foursomes against one another in the most even-fielded, widespread popularity poll ever; mixing bands with wrestling factions, comedians, fictional characters that formed teams purposefully restricted to four members only and so on! We blended the old with the new too, giving no chance at all to the practically unknown ones up against the most-renowned, basically legendary groups that were there. By reducing our scope here, we will circumvent all of those problems - and maybe we'll do follow-ups for the ''new breed'' subsequently! Fair enough? Hmm?

So, without further ado - let's spotlight... just three trios now - shall we?



and for our third option... 
well, there are so many possibilities, verily - 
and a younger version of Luminous Luciano 
would have unquestionably gone with 
either Rush or Genesis...
Maybe Nirvana. 
Maybe even the Beastie Boys!
Aphrodite's Child - but not Destiny's Child!
However, a mature and truly Luminous 
Luminous Luciano 
can only go with... 


Appears like Train is just like A-ha: 
they don't count the drummer. 
Unless, in Train's case, 
it's the bass player...? 

Once again, the luminous choice is clear...! 

Just a bit of luminous advice there 
(especially for Los Spaniardos...) 
be careful when calling them, eh; 
calling *all* angels 
implies summoning 
quite possibly 
the fallen ones as well - 
and you don't wanna do that - 
trust me! 


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