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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Now there's a REAL... TASTE... TEST for ya!

When in the province that wants to be so ''belle'' - it resembles more and more the Bell Witch rather than Belle from ''Beauty & The Beast''... (You know which one we're talking about here! Do not pretend otherwise...! Yes - ''la Québécoise''...!!!) DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to try all of their beers ''artisanales'' now widely available at every single grocery and convenience store there is there...!!! 

However... we are curious... which LABEL ART do you find more... EYE-STRIKING, shall we say? Hmm?  It is always the contents that matter, not the container; but, in this case, we'll make the exception that reaffirms the rule - alright?  VOTE...

You know we're seeing red here...!


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