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Tuesday, March 20, 2018


There have been some doozies over the decades, out there, pitting giants and dwarves against each other... until death did them part. Or sheer embarrassment - for both sides - whichever came first? Anyway...  It is human nature to crave such things, it seems - we are born belligerent and petty - and we die that way, oftentimes. Those who do not dare partake in such silly warfare watch on from the sidelines, secretly dreaming and concocting their very own scaled-down versions of those things, in their own backyards... Full-scale high profile rivalries are the ones getting all the time in the spotlight, of course - but who wants such scrutiny, when you can triumph over your quarry in totally comfortable sheer anonymity - hmm? Plus, such a way to go about it may help greatly, later on, in a court of so-called "law" - which is not a disadvantageous bonus at all! But we digress...

The high profile feuds are the only ones the masses can know about, for sure - thus the only ones we can ask about, here, for *you* to vote on - on the taste-testing blog! DUH.   And, indeed, there are so  many ongoing great ones right now... it's not even funny! Most of them are much-chronicled too, sure... But they were never bothered with here - so...! Historically, there have been many vicious ones, also... Several didn't end until one of the two rivals was officially out of it - whether out of business or six feet under! We'll get to those in a jiffy... don't worry!

Now, the latest, greatest to hit the airwaves (or the net, or wherever it is being broadcast, really - like, who truly cares or watches anymore - huh?) is this one:

Donna-Adorable vs Joel McHale 


With that in mind and in sight, what would *you* call 
the most fabulous feud of all... 
ever... anywhere... OF ALL TIME?

This one? 

or is it... this one:

Or could it be... this one? 

Are there others we should have given 
a chance to here...?

A Fast Food Free-For-All - 
pitting the clown, the king, the bear 
and many others against each other? 

A Pizza Dough Battle Royale - 
with the hut, BP and several doubles 
all gunning for Caesar's laurels...? 

Haute Couture Showdown? 

Grand Chef Gastronomy Face-Off?  

TV Ratings War... lol, ah, no; not that one! 
Traditional TV has long been dead now...!!! 

Movie Studios? 
Specific Industry Giants...? 

Hell - this is gonna end with 

Let's not go there... eh

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